We have been using the UltraMaid service since I moved into my new home in Cincinnati a year ago. The owner visited my condo, walked through, asked questions, and provided me a quote on the spot. Our main requirement was that the same team work in our home every visit. We were assured that would be the case. And, it has been. If someone on 'our team' was ill or taking a holiday we were advised ahead of time so we could decide whether to have the regularly scheduled cleaning by another team or reschedule for 'our team'. We have not been disappointed by the results. 'Our team' will do a little extra if requested and we are not charged extra. Our home is meticulously cleaned and we have yet to find one fault. The owners have always been available to us for questions, changes, and special requests. Like true small business owners they go above and beyond to keep us satisfied while always looking out for their employees. That can be a difficult balance but they do it exceptionally well. If I ever did have a complaint I know without a doubt it would be handled quickly and professionally. Problem is, I can't find one thing to complain about. These are good hard-working people who take pride in doing a good job. We're proud to support this local business and feel really lucky to have such a good team whom we trust with the most important place in our lives - our home.

True fans,
Lynn Briggs & Ruben Papoian

We have been serviced by Ultra Maids for over 20 years and have been impressed by 1. the lack of turn-over in personnel 2. their dependability and punctuality 3. their thorough cleaning 4. pleasant personalities of the ladies 5. never breaking or mis-placing anything. The number of years they have been of service and for these qualities to be exhibited over such an extended period of time testify to it being a desirable business to work with.

Ron and Betsy (Evendale)

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